AirTEMP Control cabinet heat analysis

The LÜTZE AirTEMP online application enables an analysis of the heat build-up and distribution in the control cabinet.

The application allows a differentiated thermodynamic analysis of your control cabinet: the different temperature and temperature layers that can develop in a control cabinet can be determined quickly and easily The AirTEMP splits the control cabinet into three virtual zones. The temperature for each of these zones is calculated very precisely. It can also simulate the effect of factors, such as AirBLOWER, AirBLADES or even an air conditioning system, and how the LÜTZE AirSTREAM allows free air circulation without blocking cable ducts, thereby homogenising the climate inside the control cabinet.

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The AirTEMP heat analysis tool can be used free-of-charge and functions as follows:
Please enter the key data of your control cabinet and the loss outputs of the installed devices into the application. The AirTEMP tool calculates everything else from this.

The result of the temperature distribution in the control cabinet is shown in colour to non-registered users (red: highly critical; yellow: critical, green: unproblematic)

Registered and logged-in users are shown the simulation results as precise temperature values.

Background AirTEMP control cabinet heat analysis: Practical tests confirm the results and model assumptions of the AirTEMP tool. In addition to Lütze's own research and development department, scientific participation also made a contribution to the development of the LÜTZE AirTEMP application.

Terms of use

The AirTEMP Simulator is a simulation program developed by Friedrich Lütze GmbH that is used to estimate the expected temperatures and their distribution within the control cabinet during operation based on experience values. The simulator serves as a support for the selection and use of different products relevant for the control cabinet (e.g. air conditioning unit, AirBLOWER, etc.) and for the control of other relevant factors (such as the installation or set-up situation). The basic principles and parameters, on which the calculations are based, were determined to the best of our knowledge based on our years of experience. Nevertheless, it is purely a simulation program, and we accept no liability nor do we offer a guarantee for the results. In particular, the values on site may deviate from the results calculated by the simulator, for instance due to unknown factors or incorrect determination or entry of the parameters required for the simulation. The liability for intentional or grossly negligent conduct or for malicious non-disclosure of a material or legal deficit connected to the AirTEMP Simulator, also in case of intentional or grossly negligent conduct by the representative or vicarious agent of Friedrich Lütze GmbH, remains unaffected, provided that liability of this kind is prescribed by law.